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Our Future Generation
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AlHuda Community Schools

AlHuda Community Schools (ACS) is a part of AlHuda Schools Network running under the umbrella of Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation. ACS,  a network of welfare schools currently operating at 8 locations in Lahore, is serving underprivileged children by providing them access to quality education and ensuring moral uplift. With classes from Montessori to Matric, ACS employs qualified staff and volunteers to provide opportunities for growth, success, high morals for every child of the community.

Focus Areas

Our aim is to uplift our students both educationally and morally. For the same reason, our focus is not just to pass information but to instil good morals and build characters of these students. We provide all kind of support to our students including books, uniforms and infrastructure. In some areas lunch and ration is also provided. We strive to make access to free education possible for every child. Our focus on moral values ensures that children are groomed holistically. Special attention is on Tajweed, Salah, Duaas and Tarbiyah.

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